The first Human-Like Natural Language Understanding A.I.

Turn every email, chat or survey
into unprecedented strategic value

Whether it's a complaint, an email requesting information, a commercial support chat, or any other
communication through any customer touchpoint: every time your clients
communicate with you, they're giving you something precious.

Do you have the right tools to turn it into a value for your company?

  1. Understand

    The perception of your target

  2. Anticipate

    Opportunities and potential crises

  3. Automate

    Processes and reduce service costs

  4. Sell more

    Understanding the hidden needs
    of your target


Human inspired, for a data driven world

A unique technology,
inspired by our brain

To understand humans, you need AI technology that thinks like a human.
As our brain is divided into two hemispheres, flowtech AI technology is composed
by two advanced independent and complementary analytical engines.

left hemisphere

logical analysis

perfect for process automation

  • Automation of manual tasks
  • Cut costs
  • Increase speed and efficiency

right hemisphere

emotional analysis

deep understanding of your target

  • Boost satisfaction
  • Boost sales
  • Improve communication

Satisfied customers and cutting-edge caring

increases customer satisfaction thanks to an advanced understanding of the perception of the target through the analysis of emotions

  • Increase the efficiency of caring activities and reduce response times.
  • Cut costs thanks to an advanced process automation.
  • Automatically classify and extract relevant information from communications.

Effective and dynamic strategies

understand your customers deeply and use advanced emotion analytics to predict behavior and drive sales

  • Discover the deep needs of your target, on every customer touchpoint.
  • Define targeted upsell and cross-sell strategies with perfect timing thanks to real-time analytics.
  • Increases important drivers such as retention and customer lifetime value.

Empathic and personalized messages

get a deep understanding of the target's perception of the brand, products and services

  • Get the ability to intercept trends and potential crises in real time.
  • Get valuable insights to boost your reputation.
  • Make your communication strategies truly empathic.

Powerful and innovative solutions

leverage innovative artificial intelligence algorithms of natural language understanding, which exploit scientific models for the analysis of human emotions

  • Overcome the obsolete logic of 'sentiment analysis' to obtain richer, more useful and deeper insights.
  • Add more value to your solutions thanks to advanced artificial intelligence features.
  • Use APIs in minutes through ready-to-use integration examples.

some frequently asked questions

Can I try flowtech for free?
Sure! Claim your free account right now: our success managers will guide you for a quick start with our technology and will provide you with the credentials to use it right now. Easy, fast and free.
What kind of data can flowtech analyze?
flowtech is a powerful omnichannel technology, capable of analyzing information from different channels: emails, reviews, surveys, chats, CRM data, documents and any other textual content in natural language. Ready-to-use connectors allow you to acquire data from standard sources, and you can define custom connectors to any application that supports the use of APIs.
Is it possible to analyze voice in phone calls and meetings in real time?
flowtech is capable of analyzing all types of data in real time. Voice can be analyzed by integrating an external speech to text tool. Our beta testers have exclusive access to a special version of flowtech that natively integrates this feature. (Do you want to apply as a beta tester? Fill out the form (link) and talk to us!).
Can I integrate flowtech data with business dashboards and third-party software?
Of course, flowtech exposes its APIs to enable quick and easy integrations with any other solution.
Can I define specific AI training to customize the analytical engine to my needs?
Of course, we can provide you with an advanced training environment that you can use to customize flowtech AI.

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