A unique technology

Built around our brain

An Artificial Intelligence technology with an unique and deep understanding of natural language.

It's an unique solution built around the human brain, which can comprehend text's contents and emotions.

Left Brain

Extract relevant information, trigger content driven actions, automate processes.

Right Brain

Predict intentions, understand opinions, create deep profiles, reveal how to influence decisions.


API technology that orchestrates Logical and Emotional analysis to enhance any project with advanced AI capabilities.

Left Brain

Left brain:

Logical analysis

Perfect for process automation:

  • Automate manual tasks
  • Cut costs
  • Boost speed and efficiency

Right brain:

Emotional analysis

Deep understanding of your target:

  • Increase reputation
  • Boost sales
  • Improve communication
Right Brain

Use Cases

Some successfull
Use Cases


Boost reputation, create effective campaigns, anticipate trends.

Customer Service

Understand satisfaction levels without asking, cut costs with automations.

Contact Centers

Monitor emotions that drive customer opinions in real time.


Create deep profiles, predict behaviours and boost sales.


Leverage your commitment to the SDG to improve reputation.

Financial Markets

Monitor the emotions that drive the markets to anticipate opportunities.

CortexAI API

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The science behind

Discover the fascinating science behind flowtech unique technology.