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A proprietary technology unique in the world

The most advanced application of Artificial Intelligence capable of understanding and interpreting human emotions

Proprietary A.I.

A unique technology

The current solutions used to try to understand emotions use a "Lexicon Based" approach, i.e. they search for specific words to which a positive or negative value is attributed.
flowtech instead uses Artificial Intelligence to apply a semantic analysis, which allows us to understand the context of what is said about a specific topic.
The result is not a "positive" or "negative" sentiment, but 10 different emotional indices that measure human emotions quantitatively and qualitatively.

Proprietary Technology

10 emotional indicators

A unique approach

Real Time Emotional Map

A powerful and immediate outlook to know how people feel about a specific set of elements.

Emotion Details Chart

A detailed overview about the emotions over a specific topic, like your brand, your services or your competitors. Easy and invaluable.

Emotion Trend Chart

Monitor how emotions change over time and understand the impact of events on people’s feelings.

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

flowtech applies the most accredited scientific model used today to understand, describe and measure human emotions: the Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions.

Emotions are related in a complex relationship, and the origin of this relationship is part of a long evolutionary history. This means that our emotions have been developing along the evolutionary process and have adapted to increase the fitness of the species, playing an important role for survival.

Emotions are not only a state of mind, they also trigger behaviors: every choice and perception is heavily influenced by our emotional state.

Monitor how emotions change over time and understand the impact of events on people’s feelings.


Protect from danger

an unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when something is happening, or might happen, that causes you to be frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful, or bad.


Fight against problems

a strong feeling that happens when we are threatened, offended, wronged, or denied something we really want or need.


Spot unpleasant things

an emotion causing or associated with grief, unhappiness, sorrow, or disappointment.


Remind what’s important

a feeling of great pleasure or happiness.


Reject unhealthy things

a feeling of revulsion or strong disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive.


Focus on new situations

the feeling that you get when something happens that you did not expect.


Connect with helpful things

firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.


Look forward and plan

the state of waiting for something that is going to happen in the near future.

flowtech scientific committee

flowtech supports scientific research with the aim of evolving the models used today to understand the nature of human emotions, making its technology available to a scientific committee composed of universities and international research groups.

In turn, the scientific committee allows flowtech to improve the algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, to provide increasingly accurate analytics, creating a virtuous ecosystem for the benefit of research and society.