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Emotional Intelligence


flowtech it is the only technology that can truly understand human emotions, providing a qualitative and quantitative measure of 10 emotional indices using advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Emotions drive purchase decisions, influence financial markets, define the loyalty to a brand or the perception about an event. Measuring emotions allows to understand the reaction of people to a press release, predict the outcome of a product launch or invest in financial markets with more awareness.


Everybody talk about sentiment. We measure Emotions.


We analyze international sources in 12 different languages.


Not just another "social listening" tool, but a complete business intelligence platform.

Investment Funds

Make better investment decisions by using 10 unique indices that unveil emotions that drive the financial markets.

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Trading Bank

Provide advanced reports and unique financial analytics to your customers to increase retention and trading experience.

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Social Listening

Understand how people feel about your brands and products by analyzing Emotions instead of just a positive or negative sentiment.

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Improve your communication strategy by measuring how you are able to inspire emotions of your audience.

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Improve the effectiveness of your anti-fraud strategy using Emotional Analysis to detect early warnings of potential frauds.

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Increase your sales by understanding how emotions drive customers buying patterns and improve their satisfaction.

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Success Stories

ACTIAM is the leading responsible fund and asset manager, with over € 50 billion in assets under management. They offer a comprehensive range of investment funds and investment solutions that extends from index investing all the way to impact investing.
Actiam uses our Financial Markets Emotional Insights to support their investment decisions and monitor the emotions that drives the markets.


The Netherlands

Use Emotional Analysis to

Support investment decisions

Our Company

Our mission is to create new Artificial Intelligence technologies in support of human intelligence, and help shape a more aware, mature and happy future society. With over 5 years of research, we have created a tool capable of bridging the gap between man and machine, giving it the unique ability to understand our emotions. Flowtech technology can both qualitatively and quantitatively measure 8 different emotions and understand how our emotional state affects our perceptions and decisions. This allows you to have a new understanding of how emotions affect financial markets, the perception of communication or marketing campaigns, and also how to improve our safety and health. Thanks to our analytics platform we can also support scientific research and develop models that help us understand a matter as complex as human emotions.