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Broker & Investment Banks

Traders are evolving and demanding more from their financial broker in terms of the expected value-added services.

Traditional banks that used to strictly offer account services are now providing their clients the ability to directly invest in the financial markets, thus increasing competition in the stock market.

The competitors in this sector need to not just maintain, but expand their market share while continually defending and valuing their user base.

An effective strategy is to further develop the market analysis service provided to its customers. This can be done by integrating current data with new, exclusive and innovative data that is capable of generating a strong interest.

flowtech analyzes the emotions that drive the financial markets, providing 10 unique indicators that qualitatively and quantitatively measure the emotional drivers that influence the markets.

Thanks to simple API’s, these indicators can be easily integrated into websites, apps, and trading platforms, along with the current market data that is provided to its customers.

The flowtech data represents an exclusive service for traders that help increase customer value by offering new stimuli for investment strategies, which attracts more customers and builds customer loyalty.

Encouraging Trader Activities

flowtech offers new data that enhances the meaning of innovative investment strategies that positively affects the volumes traded.

Build Customer Loyalty

Bring to your customers a unique and innovative service, increasing the value of your platform through an exclusive set of data.

Attract new traders

Today, traders are looking for innovative services and new stimuli to build their investment strategies. Offer them a new service and one more reason to use your platform.