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Social Listening

Social listening is a good way to understand the views of current and potential customers while also enhancing brand reputation.

However, the current solutions have many aspects that are poorly effective.

The majority of current solutions provide SENTIMENT analysis, which simply expresses a value (positive, negative or neutral). These solutions do not have a deep analytical value compared to understanding the underlying reasons for the particular feeling in the sample that is being analyzed.

In addition, the analysis is often performed with individual keywords, thus making the accuracy of sentiment analysis low.

flowtech uses the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies to analyze the semantics and context of the information it’s given. In order to increase the accuracy of the data provided, we acquire analytics from hundreds of different sources and in 12 different languages.

Analytic reports are powerful, easy to interpret, and measure 10 distinct emotional indicators (joy, confidence, anger, and expectation) in qualitative and quantitative manner. Each of these affects the opinions and decisions of the reference sample differently.

This way you can better understand the real opinions and expectations of your customers while helping support your strategic decisions more effectively.

Enhances brand reputation

Improve engagement with your brand thanks to more attentive communication (measurement?) of your customers’ reactions

Understand the emotions toward products and services

Discover all the facets of the feedback you receive from your customers all the way to the emotional level and develop a product that is more attentive and catered to their needs

Increases customer loyalty

Acquire a solid base of customers who love your services and products thanks to an interaction closer to their emotions