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In recent years, companies have realized that it can be immensely beneficial if they can successfully connect emotionally with their customers.

Products and services are meant to inspire emotional connections. According to the most recent studies, a successful emotional positioning has the ability to double your sales.

Given the huge opportunity to create new value, companies should pursue emotional connections as a science and a strategy. Unfortunately, building these connections is a challenge and mostly a conjecture.

The reality is that companies often do not have at their disposal effective tools to measure the emotional reaction of their customer. As a result it is a challenge for them to measure whether their efforts have produced their desired results.

The current solutions offer a superficial approach, based on the concept of SENTIMENT, which simply expresses a positive, negative or neutral result. This strategy does not fully understand the reason why customers feel a certain way about a specific brand or product.

flowtech is a unique and innovative analytics platform, which provides 10 emotional indicators that can qualitatively and quantitatively measure the emotions of customers and markets toward a particular product or brand. Flowtech also has the ability to monitor the change in the emotional connection throughout time. This allows you to better understand the effectiveness of product placement or marketing and communications campaigns. Identifying the external factors that influence opinions and customer loyalty can help you understand the reason for their purchasing decisions.

For example, when eBay performed a SENTIMENT analysis to try to understand the emotion behind consumer purchases of Christmas gifts, their analytical platforms reported negative feelings. This information alone was not helpful because it gave no insights about the underlying reasons for such an outcome.

An EMOTIONAL analysis found that 88% of emotions consisted of STRESS generated by the difficulty in choosing the right gift.

Using this information, they have invested into creating a buying guide tool for customers, which resulted in a sharp increase in sales.

Thanks to Flowtech, the most advanced companies are making the emotional connection apart of a broad strategy that involves every function in the value chain, from product development to marketing.

Fully understand customer choices

Understanding your clients' emotions means being close to them like never before and being able to bring them a product that they really value.

Create emotional connections

An empathetic link is the basis of your relationship with your customers. Stay close to them day after day.

Improves positioning

The emotional bond that you can create with your customers is longer lasting than any marketing campaign and that's why your customers will instinctively choose you.