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Current anti-fraud systems are mainly based on behavioral analysis.

Recent studies show that an analysis of emotions can be a valid support to increase the ability to identify potential fraud attempts while simultaneously limiting false positives.

Emotions can be detected in real time by analyzing different types of data sources. For example, It is possible to simultaneously process the incoming text from a complaint form, mail, chat, audio, and video at the front office.

Often the ability to identify suspicious behavior is left to the sensibility of the front office and entails many problems such as: the evaluation is subjective, the experience gained is a personal asset and not owned by the company, and it is not possible to share the experiences of the operators.

flowtech provides a system that uses the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies to monitor users' emotions and identifies potentially suspicious interactions.

Monitor interactions with customers in real time

Provide your anti-fraud team with a tool that can monitor customer complaints in real time and analyze the emotional reactions that scammers try to establish with the front office

Identify suspicious behavior

Promptly identify suspicious interactions and social engineering attacks against your company

Prevent frauds

Avoid losses by preventing successful scams against you