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Easy integration

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Backed by Science

Backed by science

A technology based on science.
The only solution that outperforms the old sentiment analysis.

Limitless Applications

Limitless applications

Understand the perceptions and needs of a target audience and increase satisfaction, sales, reputation.
The fields of application are endless.

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Simple HTTP Rest calls to a specific endpoint. Upon subscription to the service you will have access to your dashboard, where you will find your key to use the API, and you will be able to access a Help section with several examples.

You will have up to 10,000 Emotional Analytics API calls available for a full month. Each call can include up to 5,000 characters.

Each license includes a specific number of monthly API calls to an Emotional Analysis endpoint. In addition to the number of monthly calls, each tier can have specific characteristics, such as different computational performances, a specific support service and the ability to access advanced features.

Advanced performance allows for a higher number of API calls per second and faster system response speed.

The priority support allows you to interact directly with one of our consultants in case of need, while the basic service involves the use of emails.

Core Features are a set of advanced features. Currently they include the possibility of a dedicated computing environment, with the ability to configure specific analytic engine training domains, or even perform specific training. In this way, you can customize the response of artificial intelligence in a way that is more appropriate to your needs.

No problem, write to us and tell us your needs. We will create a specific solution for you.

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